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In these trying times of Trump, we need also to remember to stand up to racism and bigotry of all kinds, insist on truth and justice, and know that all humans deserve to be treated with fairness, respect, and empathy.

The Cosmic Cabdrivers' Guide to the Universe, in its various sections and blog pages, is dedicated to providing useful information and stimulating thoughts, ideas, and humor for intelligent beings everywhere, seeking peace, justice, and equal prosperity for all. Contributions and feedback are welcome.

As President Obama said, the obligation of a citizen does not end at the voting booth.
The people need to SPEAK OUT--to write, call, march; demonstrate! We must condemn bad policies and demand good ones. We need to to take control of foreign policy, not let it control us. Military and economic aggression must be stopped. Covert subversion must stop. Our domestic policies should reflect our ideals and influence the world by good examples of equality, empathy, and humanitarian justice.

But our obligation to act STARTS at the voting booth. Our duty to THINK about that action, to understand how essential it is, to understand how much is at stake for our nation, and for the world, comes long before that. DO NOT LISTEN to the misguided who tell you it doesn't matter, that there is no difference.

Income inequality is still getting worse. Immigration is not reformed. Warmongers threaten diplomacy and make peace harder to achieve. Even basic gun control laws are blocked. American citizens are being denied voting and reproductive rights in many states. We are not doing nearly enough to promote clean energy and protect our climate, all because of obstructionist Republicans who are elected by voters controlled by prejudice and corporate propaganda, allowed to win by the apathy of the cynics.

The Cosmic Rat


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E-VAPOR: A Great Substitute for Smoking

Multiply.Com has closed, but my words will live on

The people should be the deciders! We should have a National Referendum for any proposed war or hostile military action.

MEMORIAL DAY Remembering the sacrifices of our own citizens is not enough. We also need to remember those our country has killed in the wars we have waged.

The Right To Keep And Bear...Slaves
What does the Second Amendment to the US Constitution have to do with slavery? That's a good question. The answer is: everything. Primarily, the 2nd Amendment was created to protect Southern slave-patrol militia. Southern states feared they would be disarmed and lose control of their slaves.
--January 21, 2013

Atmospheric CO2 data
We are not winning the struggle to reduce excess carbon dioxide. It is getting worse, and climate change is already showing adverse consequences. Click above for more information.

Human population growth worldwide

is a matter of great concern. It is the underlying cause for excessive CO2 pollution and poverty and hunger in many places. If Earth is to be our sustainable home for future generations, we must control our birth rate.
The US Census Population Clock shows current populations of the US and the world

Census data is important for another reason, here in the US, projecting FUTURE population numbers and categories. The GOOD news here is that we will be a more diverse country Minority populations often subject of prejudice and discrimination will, in a few decades, have a combined population greater than than the whie people now in the majority. This will make it much harder for white nationalists to have political power..
Projections of the Size and Composition of the U.S. Population: 2014 to 2060

Wikileaks, founded by Julian Assange, has contributed enormously to revealing truth that the public deserves and needs to know. It is perhaps the most important web phenomenon of the decade. Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning, nominee for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, revealed through Wikileaks video documentation of an incident in which American soldiers gunned down Reuters journalists in Iraq, and many documents which helped to fuel a worldwide discussion about American overseas engagements, civilian casualties of war, imperialistic manipulations, and rules of engagement.

Manning deserves lasting honor and respect for his courageous act.. President Obama rightly commuted his sentence. A full pardon would have been better.

Assange, essentially under house arrest in London, should be freed from the threat of prosecution. Whether one agrees or not with what is published, freedom of the press must be protected.

Assange, probably out of anger and frustration, allowed his once noble creation to be used to impact the 2016 election, which was not up to its past honorable principles.

Revealing what governments hide from their people, and making useful information free to the public are noble acts of journalism. Publishing private email to influence a democratic election is sleazy, and contributes to the worst tactics of political campaigning.

Wikileaks' past achievements should always be an inspiration for those dedicated to truth and freedom of information.

Through the Looking Glass Links to over 700 mirror sites for Wikileaks

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The Affordable Care Act represents the greatest advance in providing healthcare to Americans since Medicare. More improvements are needed, but in the meantime, use it, appreciate it, and tell your friends.

The two estimates below of Iraqi war deaths have different totals. The first, lower number is bad enough, considering the war was unjustifiable.. Read the explanations to decide which is more accurate.

Iraq Body Count
Iraq Deaths Estimator





generalizations are false

The Trap of Individualism

The ideology that calls itself conservative often promotes policies and acts in ways that seem not to make sense, and use tactics without principles, except to win at any cost.

One thing that tells us is that the ideology is secondary to the purpose. Usually we think in terms of an ideal, or set of ideals, inspiring a plan of implementation. With conservatives, it is the opposite. Their motivation is simple: greed. The ideology is built around the purpose of allowing an elite minority to continue to exploit the majority, who they hope to convince is an acceptable state of affairs, or at least prevent from effectively offering resistance.

An article I recently read on the subject of the American gun culture and the promotion of the Second Amendment revealed some insight into a key aspect of the devious design of the manufactured ideological web, and how it serves them.

From 'Operation Wetback' to Newtown: Tracing the Hick Fascism of the NRA

The right to bear arms, an amendment that has been twisted loose from its original purpose, resulting in a heavily armed population in a society where that is not only useless but dangerous as well, serves to give gun owners a sense of personal power that is only an illusion. It turns them from a part of a society to a collection of individuals, distrusting other individuals, unable and unwilling to cooperate and organize with others to defend their common interests.

Individualism: It sounds like a very positive concept. We are all individuals, with the right to be ourselves, say what we like, and do things in our own, perhaps nonconformist, way.

But there is another side to individualism, and that is the side the conservatives use against us. Human beings are at their most effective when they work together to achieve common goals. That is the very basis of human civilization. Sharing our knowledge, discoveries, and effort is what built our fantastic advances in technology, science, and art. It has also enabled us to free ourselves from tyrannies.

Human beings would not exist today if we had not learned to cooperate. Every living being has a drive for self-preservation, but we and other social animals evolved an innate tendency toward group preservation. Individually, we are vulnerable; together, we survive and prosper. Empathy is a vital survival trait. We often help and protect others, at risk to ourselves. Groups in which members did not have that instinct usually failed.

Beyond mere survival, our social nature, as we developed our ability to communicate, share, and pass on knowledge and ideas to future generations, made us the dominant species we are today. Of course we don't all think alike or have the same abilities. Our individual nature is also important, resulting in new ideas, inventions, and specialization.

When our ancestors reached the point of building structures, devices, and organization enabling us to be reasonably sure of daily survival, some, having acquired more wealth than others, began to believe that they did not need the rest of society. They felt that their wealth and the power it enables made them independent of, and superior to, the majority of their fellow human beings.

This was an illusion then, as it is now. It not only ignores the history of collective human contributions to reach the current level, but the interdependent support of the entire population. This thought of being apart from the masses is nevertheless attractive because it seems to excuse the elite from responsibility for their impact on the rest of society.

It has never been too difficult for the ordinary people to realize that the wealthy elite at any point in history use their power to obtain much more than their fair share of available resources with little or no regard for those they exploit for material gain. The wealthy and powerful know this, and the cost of their position is to live with a degree of fear that their power will not protect them from a unified and purposeful mass of common people, once those people decide that inequality and injustice have gone too far.

In the past, alliance with an autocratic government was good insurance for the elite. It was the basis for feudalism, and, as industrialism developed, a marriage of state and corporate power, as in the British Empire, or fascism. The fascism of Nazi Germany was very attractive to some American capitalists, at least until the war made their advocacy 'politically incorrect'.

In a democracy, wealth and power must rely on two methods: direct financial influence on elected representatives and propaganda to influence the electorate. They have been quite successful with both in the US.

Perhaps the most insidious and effective themes of propaganda is the promotion of individualism as an ideal opposed to collective organization and action. With this twisted notion of opposing the two complementary traits which have actually together built our civilization, they seek to isolate each person from every other person.

As the above linked article points out, the individual 'right' to own and carry firearms, no matter how unnecessarily deadly, gives the owner the illusion of personal power and independence, while increasing his level of distrust and fear of every other person, especially if there are perceivable differences between them.

Those who attempt to organize people for collective action are portrayed as wanting to rob others of their individuality. Naturally the excesses of communist governments fed into this line of propaganda for many years, and was so pervasive that it is still useful.

The propaganda seeks to label any idea but unregulated capitalism as 'communist' or 'socialist'. Over the last 40+ years the definitions have been escalated to the point of attacking the reforms by Roosevelt and those who followed him that actually saved capitalism from itself.

Even democracy has been attacked, both rhetorically and tactically by those seeking to limit the right to vote. Democracy is, after all, the ultimate in collective, cooperative action. It enables the majority, who are not rich and powerful, to limit the priveleges of the 1% to control their lives.

Health Boundaries Bite
Health boundaries can permanently impair and range from misdiagnoses to stress.

all-star cab

Desert Rose Limousines


Below are my most recent Rat Now articles. Those with only the title shown are available in full on the NEST page. The link will take you there; older articles can be found on the RAT NOW page, linked to below.



Here is the timeline of Trumpaganda about the pandemic:

We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China. We have it under control. It’s going to be just fine. — Jan. 22

A lot of people think that goes away in April with the heat — as the heat comes in. Typically, that will go away in April. We’re in great shape, though. We have 12 cases — 11 cases, and many of them are in good shape now.— Feb. 10

It’s a little like the regular flu that we have flu shots for. And we’ll essentially have a flu shot for this in a fairly quick manner. --Feb. 26

We had a great meeting today with a lot of the great companies, and they’re going to have vaccines. I think relatively soon, and they’re going to have something that makes you better, and that’s going to actually take place, we think, even sooner. — March 2

We’re doing a great job with it. And it will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away. — March 10

March 11: 1,000 cases, 30 deaths in the United States from covid-19

So I think Easter Sunday, and you’ll have packed churches all over our country. I think it would be a beautiful time. And it’s just about the timeline that I think is right. — March 23

We can expect that, by June 1, we will be well on our way to recovery. We think, by June 1, a lot of great things will be happening. — March 29

We’re starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. And hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, we’ll be very proud of the job we all did. — April 5

April 6: 10,000 deaths in the United States from covid-19

We continue to gain ground in the war against the unseen enemy, and I see light at the end of the tunnel. I actually see a lot of light at the end of the tunnel. — April 21

Coronavirus numbers are looking MUCH better, going down almost everywhere. Big progress being made! — May 11

May 27: 100,000 deaths in the United States from covid-19

I think, in the fall, you’re going to see the schools all open and in great shape.— June 5

I think we are going to be very good with the coronavirus. I think that, at some point, that’s going to sort of just disappear.— July 1

You will never hear this on the Fake News concerning the China Virus, but by comparison to most other countries, who are suffering greatly, we are doing very well - and we have done things that few other countries could have done! — July 21

America is winning the war against the virus. — Aug. 11

Our numbers are excellent, really really good, and hopefully, we’re rounding the final turn on that disaster given to us by China. — Aug. 31

We’ve done a fantastic job on this China virus, the invisible enemy. I get no credit for it.— Sept. 4

I really do believe we’re rounding the corner. … We’re rounding the final turn. — Sept. 10

Sept. 19: 200,000 deaths from covid-19 in the United States

The only thing we did badly on was public relations because we were working so hard. … We did a hell of a job. — Sept. 25

The end of the pandemic is in sight.— Oct. 1

Oct. 2: Trump announces he and first lady Melania Trump have tested positive for the coronavirus.

I had no choice because I just didn’t want to stay in the White House. --Oct. 3

Of course, since we also had infectious disease experts speaking the truth and giving us sound advice, many of us avoided being infected, and escaped being one of the 200,000+ dead. Too many, though, listened only to the don't worry about it words of the President who should have been relaying the expert advice most emphatically.

He claimed that he didn't want people to panic. In fact, it was he who panicked, afraid that that not having business as usual would harm the economy he was trying to take credit for-- the economy that the Obama administration restored from the severe Bush recession and set on a path of steady growth.

Reality conflicted with his hope that people would disregard their own lives and health just to make the economy look good. Wiser people knew human life is more valuable than profit or political propaganda. Yes, the economy recessed and life changed for everyone, because it needed to.

Ironically, if the President had gotten behind the expert responses that many other countries found successful, our numbers, the worst in the world, might have been reduced enough that we COULD have resumed much more normal activity by now.

But he didn't, and still hasn't. He himself has spread the virus at his unmasked, undistanced rallies, and in the White House himself. He cares nothing for anyone but himself.

-cosmicrat Oct. 5, 2020


It is a positive trend to de-statue the villians of history. There is no question that we need not and should not honor the dishonorable, those whose claim to fame was the harm done to their country and its people in their time. No one who fought to keep slavery is worthy of a statue, nor is anyone whose main accomplishment was furthering the genocide of Native Americans.

The question of those who did both right and wrong, as human beings often do, may be less clear. Those who helped secure freedom from England and formed a country with a claim to high ideals deserve our thanks for that, but if they enslaved people and designed a government that preserved slavery, they deserve to be condemned for that. Their entire stories should be told. But, do they deserve to be venerated as a national icon? Probably not. If their statues are left in place, plaques should be added to explain their mixed legacies.

Erecting monuments is an understandable impulse. Sometimes they comemmorate events, sometimes ideals. Sculptures of the human form may represent the artist's concept of beauty, but when they are of a particular human, we should wonder why, if the art itself fails to answer that question.

We might wish to remember Lyndon Johnson, who signed into law the Civil Rights and Voting Rights laws, and who tried to fight poverty. Yet he is the same man who waged a needless war that killed over a million human beings. Could a statue represent both sides of LBJ? Unlikely.

Even when we try to iconify ideals, we need to remember that they are aspirations, not accomplishments. The Statue of Liberty represents the highest of our national principles, and it has indeed symbolized a freer life for millions of immigrants, yet liberty is denied or incomplete for far too many, whether born here or elsewhere.

If that statue reminds us that there is much liberating yet to be done, it is serving its purpose. Perhaps we should also erect a Statue of Equality.

--cosmic rat June 30, 2020


Human beings have been around for about 200,000 years. Compared to many of our fellow animal species, we are not physically very impressive, yet we not only survived but thrived, expanding our numbers almost everywhere on Earth.

We didn't achieve that by stubbornly refusing to change how and where we lived in the face of the many challenges. Changing to adapt has been our secret to success.

Fortunately, it was not until after we had developed civilization and technology to the point where some felt invincible to life's hazards, that the concept of conservatism was invented.

Naturally enough, those who felt safer and wealthier than most, did not want anything to change. Sometimes they succeeded in preventing change for a time, until events or the less fortunate demanded it. When conservatives gain too much power, they can become an impediment to survival, not only their own but everyone else's too.

That's right, conservatives are a handicap to human survival. That is not to say that being cautious and carefully planning changes is a problem. That is not what conservatives do. They impede all progress that they believe contrary to their self-interest of grasping wealth and power.

This country has needed significant change for years. Progressive leaders and members of the public have long advocated it. We have fallen behind many other free democracies.

One of the biggest problems has been our medical care non-system, consisting of a disorganized collection of health professionals, profit-seeking insurance companies and providers of equipment and medicine, serving the acquisition of wealth, but not so much those who need the care. This situation in normal times impoverishes the non-wealthy when they have serious illness, causing more personal bankruptcy than any other problem. Preventative care is often skipped due to the cost. Despite spending more than any other country, we are a less healthy nation as a result.

But the other problem of our non-system becomes most evident when there is a virus pandemic like we now have. Without a national health authority, there can be little preparation for emergencies. Future needs are not profitable until the need arises. There is no way to mandate the stockpiling of supplies, equipment, and hospital rooms that, when epidemics occur are needed immediately.

A Federal health agency with the power to assure such preparedness is needed, along with a system to share the cost of health care among all, assuring that all in need can be treated.

We like progress
The capacity of humanity to innovate and embrace change is undeniable. The advent of computers, the internet, and cellphone networks are obvious evidence. We lived without them once, but now consider them almost indispensable.

And, now that there is an urgent need for physical distance from one another, we are seeing that technology that was only convenient and fun becoming an essential tool that allows us to be social without touching, and for many to work without leaving home.

Using these systems, and adding innovations to them, we can maintain distances needed for health for extended periods without becoming frustrated and lonely. We can enjoy virtual interaction without practical limitation.

The more difficult problem to solve is to maintain work-based income in businesses that depend on physical proximity-- restaurants, theaters, sports events, concerts, public transportation, etc. Having to shut down most of these activities puts many out of work. And we must avoid the temptation to re-commence them prematurely.

Clearly a safety net needs to be implemented for as long as required. There is no need to allow excessive financial hardship in addition to the danger from the virus. Continued income will maintain consumer demand for goods and services that can still be provided.

We should look for alternative projects to provide employment in activities that can continue safely. This would be an excellent time to repair and improve our infrastructure, to build new carbon-free energy installations.

Some might consider it outrageously disproportionate that a an organism much too tiny to see can change an enormous nation. Yet we know that viruses, bacteria, insects are parts of the forces of nature, just as powerful as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tidal waves in their own way.  We, too, as part of humanity, are a force of nature, changing the global climate by our collective acts.

The tiny virus has changed America already, and we may think it a temporary adaptation, but it has awakened us to the need for permanent change.

It has been written that the virus has called our bluff.  Those who believed that we could exist sustainably as a loose collection of individuals, wavering between cooperation and independent disregard of the whole, have seen our vulnerability exposed.

Those who thought leadership didn't matter, that any idiot could be President, and managed to elect such an idiot, are, along with the rest of us, reaping the chaos they sowed.

If this virus doesn't teach us that we need to cooperate ALL the time, not just when danger threatens, then perhaps nothing will.
--cosmicrat  March 25, 2020


Part of having my site hosted by Go-Daddy has, for many years, included one free email account ( Now, suddenly they're taking that away, unless I want to pay extra. Why would I want to PAY for email? As it happens, I don't use that address for very much anymore, but what if I did? Is that any way to show appreciation for a loyal customer? If you want to email me, use this one:

Art In My Front Yard

Glendale Arizona wanted to destroy my art project. I stood firm and argued for my artistic freedom. I won.


The actual reason in nearly any instance where people need to work together via their government to alleviate a common problem, whether it is climate change or socioeconomic inequality is, for most conservative Republicans, I don't care.

What does SOCIALISM mean in the US?

There will be deliberate confusion and misinformation spread by Trump and the right-wing Republicans who support him. A clear idea of what Democratic Socialism, or Social Democracy, means, and what it does not mean, should be kept in mind by everyone.

Using the word SOCIALISM does not mean that Democrats are much further to the left on the political scale. In fact, Republicans have gone MUCH further to the right, while Democrats continue to support equality and the common people. But for too long, socialism has been used as an epithet, a negative accusation, by the right wing, and it is time that its meaning be understood.

Most advanced economies, including the US, have a blend of socialism and capitalism in their economic systems. Private enterprise operates with capitalism. Businesses where competition exists, and where consumers can compare before buying, generally do no public harm. The competition usually serves to keep them accountable in price and quality. Democratic Socialists do not seek to change that.

As we know, some services are best done by the government on behalf of the people. Others, if provided by private companies, must be tightly regulated by the government because they are practical monopolies, or because competition does not serve to self-regulate them. Some products and services, even when competition controls prices, must be regulated for public safety.

Naturally, we have a degree of socialism in the US, but in some areas it is lacking compared with the ideal found in most advanced economies. In particular, health care, for which almost every developed country has a government-based system to insure access by their citizens, has been seriously deficient for decades in the US. The ACA greatly expanded insurance coverage, but depends too heavily on private insurance companies. As a result we still pay more for health care than any other nation, yet rank far behind in health outcome.

Higher education has become far too expensive, making it accessible only to the wealthy or via huge loans that burden students for many years afterward, and result in having to choose high-income occupations to study for, even if they were not the primary interest or ability of the student.

Problems such as these are the focus of Democratic Socialism. It does not replace or impair the capitalist portion of the economy, which does not and cannot solve these issues. It is the task of a government of the people to protect the vulnerable and disadvantaged among us.

Capitalism by itself creates a society in which a relative few become very wealthy, and a majority range from moderate incomes to extreme poverty. The disparity between these groups becomes wider with time. In the past, this has led to a desire to do away with capitalism altogether, but what has worked best has been to find the right balance between socialism and capitalism

It is our goal to create that proper balance, using means that have been proven to work in other successful countries, adapting them to work harmoniously in our own. Enabling all of us to have access to health care and education will not only benefit those with lower incomes, but also produce a much healthier and better educated nation for us all.


We hear the word "crisis" often lately. The meaning of that word depends on the context in which it is used. When Trump uses it, it means This is an issue I can use to appeal to my base, so I'm going to mention it a lot, and lie about it.

A crisis created by unscrupulous politicians for political advantage can hasten a real crisis, one whose meaning is more like, We have reached a crossroads in public policy, and we need to decide now which way to turn.
We DO need to turn, because the current policy toward immigrants is doing us great harm.

The way we act, and react, toward immigrants, especially refugees reveals our national face to the world. There is no clearer or more globally visible evidence of what kind of people we are. What diplomats and leaders express to one another about friendship and good intentions are only words. It is how we greet the strangers, the ordinary people, who come to our doors, that we can be fairly judged on. It is not enough to say what we will NOT do, and should not do. Separating parents and children, imprisoning people who have nothing wrong but ask for asylum, publicly insulting them-- no one should be doing those things. We know we don't want a "wall"-- a symbolic un-welcome sign.

It is absurd that a country as large, prosperous, and powerful as ours would have to appear inadequate to handle a few thousand asylum seekers without acting overwhelmed. We need plans, organization, and personnel on a scale equal to the need, to welcome, process, check backgrounds, and make decisions about people and families asking to enter.

This processing needs to be done in a courteous and pleasant manner, and completed efficiently and fairly in a short period of time. The world's richest country can build facilities and employ qualified people to do this. It would be a sound investment in our image to the world, of benefit to international relations, as well as assuring that the labor needs of American employers are met.

Far from being any sort of “danger”, the vast majority of immigrants are a valuable benefit to our economy and our society. They always have been.

Who Exactly Is the Alt-Right?

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Who used poison gas in Syria? The answer depends on who you ask. No side of the question has any more credibility than any other when it comes to knowing and being truthful.

Israel's Sacred Terrorism

This is a document published by Information Clearinghouse, a historical document from within the Israeli government, written as it was happening. It gives a quite different perspective and a more accurate set of facts about the hard-line Zionists and their ambitious expansionism. It is well worth reading and studying. It's saved in PDF format for downloading and printing.


The man in the Trump Tower embodies a less likely story than The Man in the High Castle. Perhaps by his picks we shall know him.

The Myths That Gave Us Trump

The lies that too many progressives believed resulted in giving the election away to a candidate who got fewer votes than Romney did in 2012.


Usually, when an election produces tragic results, it is the opposition, and those who supported it, to be blamed. That is partly true in this one. Their candidate and his party used an unprecedented barrage of lies which they had crafted into a virtual storm of deception over several years and unleashed on the public.

But that was only part of the story. The horror of November 8, 2016 was wrought not so much by our enemies, but by those who should have been our friends.

Read the rest on the Nest


The Republican party and its backers and funders have spent a great deal of time and money over three decades, constructing and distributing a collection of myths designed to destroy the chances of Hillary Clinton becoming President.

Read the rest on the Nest

The Clearest Choice in History

As we approach the US Presidential election of 2016, I can imagine no previous decision that was easier for sane intelligent people to make. Hillary Clinton is obviously a better choice than Donald Trump.

If my title seems an exaggeration, consider that many choices in the past seem more obvious in retrospect, especially when the wrong option was chosen, but less clear in advance.

Yet a small but vocal segment of progressive voters continue to be almost as critical of Hillary Clinton as the opposition, with as little reference to actual fact as is common in Republican diatribes.

Continue on NEST page

Repairing American Capitalism


As nearly everyone is aware, the people of the United States have an economic problem. It is not that the nation as a whole is not prosperous. The recession is over, unemployment is down, and profits are up. The problem is that economic inequality is growing. It is worse than it has been in a very long time. It is worse in this country than in any other major industrialized nation in the world. Our economy produces vast wealth, and fewer and fewer Americans are getting their fair share. We are working harder and longer and getting less for it.

Continue on NEST page

It's History

Those words are often said to mean It's over and done with. It belongs to the past.
But that isn't the right way to look at history. The story of human events is not a mere collection of isolated facts. It is a live, connected flow of human actions and words and motives, each affecting the next. The past, both known and unknown, touches us, making us what we are, guiding what happens next.
We need to know history, or we will constantly be surprised, not so much by what will happen, but WHY it will. Yet teachers of history, writers of books, and keepers of records often lie, or omit important parts, to handicap our understanding.
We are usually taught the history that makes our country and its leaders look good. That is the least important part. The mistakes, the crimes, and the secrets are what we need to know about.

The point is not to make everyone a cynic, thinking that all leaders lie or have bad motives. It is to learn the truth about the rights and wrongs, the wise and honest, the inept and deceptive. Elaborate imagined conspiracy theories come from knowing too little, not from learning too much.


More articles:



Hillary Clinton's political positions

On the Issues

Hillary's Vision for America

Our ability to use the democratic tools available to us is constrained only by the opposition of the propagandized. The best thing any of us can do is to teach someone to think.

-cosmicrat December 23, 2012

Chomsky on Civil Liberties, Obama and the Future of Progressive Politics by STEVEN DUREL

GASOLINE PRICES 2005-2011 -A reference to refute Republican lies.

River Bend Blog The real story from inside Iraq

The Right to Migrate

STOPPING DESPOTISM--the Al Gore speech
An eloquent and insightful statement about the danger from the Bush Administration.

An unpleasant job, but someone has to do it.

People and politicians alike knew the truth then. Why didn't that help?

VOTE COSMICRATIC We need one world government.

Many think of religion as a gentle and good thing, but it is also being used to cause violence, destruction, and loss of freedom.

Did the government learn nothing from the failed Nixon assasination attempt?

How the Republicans win elections, and what we should do about it

Stop Monsanto!

A long-term toxicology study on pigs fed a mixed GM diet. Adverse effects of GM crops found.

Millions March Against Monsanto: A Global Awakening Covered Up by the Media
Over 2 million people peacefully took to streets around the world to protest the poisoning of the global food supply by the biotech giant, Monsanto.
The public is finally being informed, even if it takes marches and demonstrations to bring attention to the problem.

Monsanto and Co. are quietly trying to take control over the everyday fruit and vegetables we eat.

At least the EU is fighting them, and has recognized the threat Monsanto poses to the world's health and food supply.

Most corporations are greedy, but usually they at least produce something of value, even if they charge too much and pay workers too little.

But Monsanto is the closest thing to a criminal enterprise you can find that is still legal. It shouldn't be legal. This is a company that tries, and often succeeds, to PATENT LIFE. It would be hard to get more insidiously evil than that.

This summarizes the Monsanto threat well:
Monsanto, the chemical giant that gave us poisons like Agent Orange and DDT, has a super-profitable racket. Step 1: Develop pesticides and genetically modified (GM) seeds designed to resist them, patent the seeds, prohibit farmers from replanting their seeds year to year, then send undercover agents out to investigate and sue farmers who don't comply. Step 2: Spend millions lobbying government officials and contributing to political campaigns, get former Monsanto bigwigs into top government jobs, and then work with them to weaken regulations and push Monsanto goods into markets across the world.

Monsanto is driving an industrial farming takeover -- trampling small farmers and small businesses as vast monoculture. farms of single crops leech the land of nutrients, diminish genetic diversity, and create dependency on fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals. The irony is, it's not clear that the decimation of natural, sustainable farming has brought any boom in crop yields. Just more profit for the corporations. Our governments should step in, but Monsanto's lobbying obstructs them.

Monsanto's near monopoly is breath-taking, with patent rights over 96% of the GM seeds planted in the US. And despite concerns about health and safety, the same patents allow Monsanto to prevent any farmer or scientist from testing their seeds! Still, a few countries have banned or restricted Monsanto products.

They claim their products cost less, but often farmers are lured into multi-year contracts, then seed prices rise, and they have buy new seed each season and use more herbicides to keep out 'superweeds'. In India, the situation is so dire that one cotton area has been called 'the suicide belt', as tens of thousands of the poorest farmers have taken their lives to escape crippling debt.
(from an email)

Seeds of discontent (Texas Observer)

Monsanto sued small farmers to protect seed patents, report says (The Guardian)

Political contribution discloslures (Monsanto)

The Real Monsanto Protection Act: How The GMO Giant Corrupts Regulators And Consolidates Its Power (ThinkProgress)

Monsanto Protection Act put GM companies above the federal courts (The Guardian)

Biodiversity for food and agriculture (UN Food and Agriculture Organization)

Monsanto's harvest of fear (Vanity Fair)

Wikileaks shows US pushes GM on EU (The Guardian)

USDA Greenlights Monsanto's Utterly Useless New GMO Corn (Mother Jones)

Crop Scientists Say Biotechnology Seed Companies Are Thwarting Research (New York Times)

Additional sources (Avaaz)

Millions Against Monsanto

Occupy Monsanto-- As Monsanto has occupied our farms and foods, it's time we take them back.

The World According to Monsanto-- a documentary

-cosmicrat April 9, 2013 (updated April 26)



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