The Incredible Beauty of Women

Earth is full of beautiful sights. Many of them are breathtaking, exquisitely wonderful. Many travel long distances to gaze upon them, at great expense. The majority of us, who have less to expend, look at pictures. They can be almost as good.

We can have thousands of scenes of mountains, canyons, forests, lakes, oceans, sunsets, sunrises, views of space, cities by day or night, and more, on our walls, our monitors, and our books, viewable in a moment.

Perhaps in common with most men and some women, I find the most intensely beautiful of sights to be the nude female. No doubt my normal sense of sexual desire is the enhancing factor, the reason I would choose to gaze upon the smooth, visibly soft skin, the curve of a breast, the perk of a nipple, the invitingly parted thighs.

Yet the beauty is as intense and inspiring when I am not thinking of sex as when I am. I am not conscious of imagining touching, caressing, or holding them every time I gaze. It may be that human beauty is the key, that humanity is my primary interest, more than other aspects of nature, and my sexuality merely bends that toward female humans.

The reasons are not important, philosphically interesting though they may be. My visual pleasure from each of the thousands of photographs I have collected over many years, carefully saved and viewable at any moment, is a real and wonderful thing. To me, it is one of life's eternal, incontrovertable truths that women are beautiful.